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|  Mar 07, 2019
Congratulations to North Park 6, North Park 9 and Oakmont CC1 for winning challenges  
|  Mar 07, 2019
See APTA Rating FYI in News.  
|  Feb 15, 2019
EVERYONE needs a password to use the website, including signing up for tourneys. Look up, top left, Sign In.  
|  Dec 08, 2018
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|  Dec 06, 2018
Message Center
|  Mar 18, 2019
|  Harley Shumaker (admin)
Men's Nights for Next Season
|  Mar 11, 2019
|  Amy Braham
Spring League Registration OPEN!
|  Jan 08, 2019
|  Terri Gollinger
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Women's Spring League Schedule Posted!
Men's Challenge Results and New Divisions for 2019-2020
D2 to D1 challenges Promoted to D1: SY1 Demoted to D2: OAK1 D2 2nd place ML3 challenged D1 9th place ACC1. 9-9 tie in sets, 84-83 games win by ACC1 D2 3rd place ML4 challenged D1 8th place PFC1 13-3 win by PFC1 D3 to D2 challenges Promoted to D2: ML6 Demoted to D3: GC2 D3 2nd place RC3 challenged D2 9th place EW1. 11-7 win by EW1 D3 3rd place LVC3 did not challenge D4 to D3 challenges Promoted to D3: NP5 Demoted to D4: USC2 D4 2nd place SH1 did not challenge D4 3rd place SY2 challenged D3 9th place NP4s 14-5 win by NP4s D5 to D4 challenges Promoted to D4: LVC4 Demoted to D5: EW2 D5 2nd place OAK2 challenged D4 9th place STC2s. 13-5 win by OAK2 (OAK2 replaces STC2s in D4) D5 3rd place ACC3 challenged D4 8th place ED2 10-8 win by ED2 D6 to D5 challenges Promoted to D5: RC6 Demoted to D6: PFC3 D6 2nd place SY4s challenged D5 9th place STC4. 9-8 win by SY4s (SY4s replaces STC4 in D5) D6 3rd place ML8s challenged D5 8th place SY3 13-6 win by SY3 D7 to D6 challenges Promoted to D6: SH4 Demoted to D7: SY5s D7 2nd place LVC5 challenged D6 9th place PFC4. 14-6 win by PFC4 D7 3rd place NP7 challenged D6 8th place ED3 10-9 win by NP7 (NP7 replaces ED3 in D6) D8 to D7 challenges Promoted to D7: ACC4 Demoted to D8: ED4 D8 2nd place STC6 challenged D7 9th place EW4. 13-5 win by STC6 (STC6 replaces EW4 in D7) D8 3rd place GC5 challenged D7 8th place PFC5 11-8 win by GC5 (GC5 replaces PFC5 in D7) New divisions D1 Mondays ACC1 ED1 FCGC1 FCRC1 LV1 ML1 ML2 NP1 PFC1 SY1 - promoted D2 Thursdays EW1 FCRC2 LV2 ML3 ML4 ML5 ML6 - promoted NP2 OAK1 - demoted STC1 D3 Tuesdays ACC2 FCGC2 - demoted FCGC3 FCRC3 LV3 NP3 NP4 NP5 - promoted PFC2 USC1 D4 Mondays ED2 FCRC4 LV4 - promoted ML7 OAK2 - challenge winner SH1 SH2 STC2 (formerly STC3s) SY2 USC2 - demoted D5 Thursdays ACC3 EW2 - demoted FCGC4 FCRC5 FCRC6 - promoted SH3 STC3 - challenge loser (as STC2s) SY3 SY4 - challenge winner USC3 D6 Tuesdays EW3 ML8 ML9 ML10 NP6 NP7 - challenge winner PFC3 - demoted PFC4 SH4 - promoted STC4 - challenge loser D7 Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays ACC4 - promoted ED3 - challenge loser FCGC5 - challenge winner LV5 NP8 STC5 STC6 - challenge winner SY5 - demoted SY6 VB1 D8 Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays ED4 - demoted EW4 - challenge loser FCRC7 FCRC8 FCRC9 LV6 ML11 OAK3 PFC5 - challenge loser SH5 VB2

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